Using data analysis for transparent city planning and development

Cities across the United States are undergoing great transformation and urban growth. Data and data analysis has become an essential element of urban planning as cities use data to plan land use and development.
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One great challenge is to use the tools of data science to promote equity along with growth. Using data science as a community advocacy tool to promote equity in urban renewal programs is crucial to planning the future of changing communities. Using data science can help those in charge of change achieve greater transparency, accountability, and impact, by communicating with the communities they are shaping.

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On the Westside of downtown Atlanta, the construction of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the conversion of an underutilized rail-line into a multi-use trail may result in increased property values. In response to community residents' concerns and a commitment to development without displacement, the city and philanthropic partners announced an Anti-Displacement Tax Fund to subsidize future property tax increases of owner occupants for the next twenty years.

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