Online network helps conservationists and technologists collaborate

Many forms of marine life are on the brink of extinction. Because monitoring and tracking sea life can be difficult, determining sea life's dwindling numbers could be made to be more accurate with updated technology.
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The earth's biodiversity conservation is in crisis (we have lost 50% of our wildlife in the last 40 years), and conservationists rarely have access to technological tools to assist in their work. Connecting conservationists with technologists could help researchers more accurately monitor specific attributes and numbers of dwindling populations.

Ideas Description

Smart Earth Network to promote collaborations between conservationists and technologists. Conservationists post a challenge on the network, and technologists team up with them to develop a solution. This is good news for dugongs, as the site allowed C3 to team up with IoT provider Kii to create a citizen science conservation project whereby local fishermen can use smartphones and Android apps to track dugongs at sea level.

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