Harmful Effects of Polystyrene

Many people are not aware of the harmful effects of Polystyrene. Pollution of waterways and waterfront negatively affect tourism and quality of life. Polystyrene takes 500 years to decompose.
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Nature and Context

Polystyrene foam presents unique management issues because of its lightweight nature, ability to float, and the likelihood to be blown from disposal sites even when disposed of properly. The lightweight and buoyant Polystyrene travels quickly through gutters and storm drains, eventually reaching the ocean. Plastic from urban runoff is the largest source of marine debris worldwide.

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Negative Effects
  • When Polystyrene travels down waterways and storm drains into the ocean, it breaks down into smaller, non- biodegradable pieces ingested by marine life and other wildlife, thus harming or killing them.

  • In one Californian study, at least 162 marine species, including most seabirds, were reported to have eaten plastics and other marine litter.

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