United States Offshores Plastic Waste

A new report shows how much plastic pollution the U.S. continues to export, even as yet another reason to end the exportation of post-consumer plastic waste has appeared. Circulating post-consumer plastic waste around the world doesn’t create the clean economy we need to protect human health and ecosystems.
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There were more than enough valid reasons to stop the plastic waste trade before the outbreak of the global pandemic in 2020. It is clear now more than ever: the harms and risks far outweigh the perceived benefits of avoiding plastic waste disposal to U.S. landfills. Actions to find markets for discarded plastic materials collected in U.S. communities should not negatively impact communities in other countries. 

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Negative Effects
  • The U.S. exported 276,200 shipping containers (1.5 million metric tons) of plastic waste to countries with poor waste management in 2017.

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