Helping estimate flood risks

By providing communities at risk of flood with scenario-based information on flood risks can help prepare people for the worst. Combining GIS- based flood plain modeling and mapping techniques with indigenous knowledge of riverine communities can help protect property and save lives in time of crisis.
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The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) estimates that 13 million Americans currently live within a 100-year flood zone, areas with a 1 percent chance of flooding in any given year. But a new study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters argues the real number of people exposed to flood risk is about 41 million — more than three times FEMA’s estimate. This means many American's don't even know they are at risk of flooding. Educating and preparing them for the possible event could help protect them and their property if the worst were to happen.

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Environment & Sustainability Flood Risk Estimator has been developed to support rural communities, government agencies, non-government organizations and others working in flood-prone areas of Pakistan.

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