Connecting networks of sustainable and eco-communities

Climate change isn't going to be solved by one person or country. It will take a united, open, and connected network of people and communities making efforts to implement change to save our planet.
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Many countries and cities are rethinking how to build sustainable, impactful communities that not only limit, but actively combat climate change. If we connect these initiatives and provide a way for them to learn from one another, we can promote the lessons learned, and come together to campaign for change. Innovation often feels most risky when people believe they are on their own. By connecting environmental innovators from around the world, it makes the risks and exposure of innovation more manageable. This should in turn help small initiatives find wider support.

Ideas Description

In Sri Lanka a network called Sarvodaya brings together 2,000 villages actively pursuing more sustainable approaches to agriculture. Yet thanks to the web-based Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) the villagers in Sarvodaya are now sharing their lessons with their equivalents in the Damanhur Federation in Italy, and with partners in Nimbin, Australia.

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