Social Entrepreneurs and Investor Collaboration for Greater Impact

Aiming to support highly impactful entrepreneurs with know-how, business tools, and the right networks can take their operations to the next level and scale their impact.
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Nature and Context

Working with local investor communities to show them the opportunities and potential impact of investment, linking them to already existing operating investor networks increases impact. Social entrepreneurs come up with great ideas to address social problems. Social entrepreneurs—driven less by profit and loss margins and more by a philanthropic desire to improve their communities, society, or the world as a whole—emphasize aid to poverty-stricken or otherwise marginalized populations.

Symptoms and Causes

More and more entrepreneurs are entering the social impact space and lack the networking capabilities of seasoned entrepreneurs/businesses.

'To make optimum use of the funds available, it is necessary to introduce the systems change approach to organizations involved in the sector and to share best practice insights.' - Embracing Complexity: Towards a Shared Understanding of Funding Systems Change

  • Systemic challenges require systemic answers, but currently the dominant funding practices are ill-suited to support them.

  • Short funding horizons, restricted financial resources and funders’ interference with initiatives pose major challenges.

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Economic Impact

According to Norwich University Online, in a survey conducted by the State of Social Enterprise, 50 percent of social enterprises earned a profit in the preceding year, and social enterprises were leading the economic recovery.

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Organization Types
  • Venture Capitalist

  • Nonprofits

  • Social Entrepreneurs

  • Investors

  • Philanthropists

  • Nonprofits

  • Social sector organizations

Ideas Description

Ecosystem Technologies

ReliablyME enables an ecosystem approach to impact funding by providing a shareable data commons of commitments-related behavioral data. Program delivery organizations, such as social enterprises and non-profits, integrate ReliablyME's commitments-based nudging system into their programming or service delivery in order to accelerate progress by positively influencing participants' behavior and giving them an opportunity to build a transferable character credential. The resulting behavioral outcomes data is used by funders to track the relative effectiveness of their community investments. Program clients/beneficiaries use their ReliablyME Commitment Portfolio to augment their resume when applying for education, employment, housing, credit, insurance, and communities, where they continue to build their Portfolios, thereby allowing policymakers and community investors to track their anonymized progress as they follow their lives' pathways. It's an ecosystem approach that promotes the collaboration of all stakeholders to achieve synergistic benefits.

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