Crowdsourcing knowledge in times of uncertainty

Climate change means extreme weather destroying crops and property. Oftentimes, small scale farmers are unable to determine how weather will affect their crops before a storm. Then after the storm, the man power and knowledge of plants can be limited when determining whether or not their plants are still viable.
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Nature and Context

By using crowdsourced images to map local flora and fauna, regulated crops, and protected land, we can globally have a better understanding of what areas need most help when a disaster strikes. Knowing how to protect life on land from natural disaster, as well as how to help it recover after disaster strikes, can help communities protect their plants and crops from being completely eliminated.

Ideas Description

Micromappers is a crowdsourcing mapping project where volunteers analyse images of landscapes taken by UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and then tag various flora and fauna in the images, helping to create deeper, meaningful maps of areas around the world. For example, one recent project asks users to identify coconut tree trunks in the Philippines.

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