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The world of data and internet has opened society to all sorts of new vulnerabilities and insecurities. With great power comes great responsibility, and we must be vigilant that we are protecting our information and how it is being used by the institutions that are meant to protect us.
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In this new age of technology, it is crucial that people support internet freedom, protect civil liberties, and oppose censorship while supporting transparency in all forms of institutions. This sort of internet activism has seen a rise in the last decade, as citizens realize how quickly power can be snatched from the hands of the people.

Ideas Description

Demand Progress is a US e-petitions website and lobby group advocating progressive causes, especially in internet freedoms, with a membership of over a million. The Washington-based outfit has campaigned against issues such as government surveillance; John Brennan s nomination as replacement for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State; and modern debtors prisons and in support of internet privacy and press freedoms, and whistleblowing sites such as Wikileaks.

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