Combatting Trademark Infringement Issues

Being sued for trademark infringement is a serious problem, and selecting names is thus, risky business. Trademark infringement is a product of similarity of name combined with similarly of goods or services; the more similar your proposed name and goods are to someone else’s, the riskier that name.
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13.8 million Americans apply for a trademark annually, but not all of those are available. Applying for a trademark can be a legally taxing process. Having a database that requires minimal legal knowledge, that helps determine if a name is taken, or pending, can help eliminate some of the confusion surrounding the application process. Although some sights already exist, many charge for services, or have incomplete data sources. In many countries, users are able to build “Common Law” rights to names merely through use, without ever registering anywhere as a trademark. The challenge here is to find these Common Law uses of the names are users are considering by identifying both identical names, and phonetically similar names, thus minimizing the risk of infringement.

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Naming Matters ( is an automated branding platform that provides creative and vetting tools for naming new companies, brands, products, and services

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