Growing more crops with less water

Using sensors we can calculate the exact amount of water necessary to produce the maximum yield in each crop by focusing on specific irrigation zones.
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Farming accounts for 70 percent of the water consumed and most of it is wasteful use. With water being one of our most precious commodities we need to explore ways to monitor usage on farms to maximize crop yield and minimize waste. Agriculture is a vital part of the US economy, but we can absolutely do better to preserve our resources while simultaneously improving the output of each farm.

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With $9 million in Series A funding led by Finistere Ventures, Innovation Endeavors and GreenSoil Investments, they’ll be expanding their reach across the country and also focusing on assisting farms in South America.

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The CropX system uses a combination of three battery-powered wireless sensors (that last up to four years) and a mobile app. They ship farmers the sensors, the app shows the exact location to place them and then it calculates the exact amount of water necessary to produce the maximum yield in each irrigation zone.

Originating from scientists in New Zealand and Israel, the system is now being put to good use in the United States. It’s currently being used to power irrigation on 5,000 acres across a small number of farms in Missouri, Colorado and Kansas.

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