Focusing on socially conscious start-ups

With the goal of giving start-up entrepreneurs and investors a novel way to connect, digital platforms and crowd-source funding can bring attention to socially conscious startups and get them the funding they deserve.
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Each year in the US thousands of start-ups are launched annually. Helping socially conscious startups gain support and funding will only make our future brighter. Investors often express interest in companies based on their mission, be it green technology, social justice, or sustainability. Bringing these specific investors in contact with start-ups that check all the boxes can make investing more worth while for everyone.

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$1M funding round for online solar marketplace GeoStellar in May 2014.

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Return on Change (ROC) has built its platform on a crowdfunding model. The difference is that their investors are taking a stake in the start-ups, and are looking for a reasonable rate of return.  Since launching in 2012, RoC has focused on 'socially conscious' start-ups.

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