Visualizing development aid around the world

With all the bad news we hear everyday it can seem like nothing good is being done to counteract the bad. Having a way to track and visualize the positive aid making a difference around the world can help people see the good and encourage them to give where aid is needed.
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Nature and Context

Aid isn't just about giving people the resources necessary, it is about giving them the tools they need to survive sustainably. Tracking where aid is needed, and what aid would be most useful for a community to build a sustainable future should be just as important as the amount or timing of the aid. Creating platforms that help donors track their aid, and help beneficiaries communicate what would be most useful for them will strengthen the impact of aid all around the world.

Ideas Description

AidFlows visualizes how much development aid is provided and received around the world. Users can select individual donors (providing the aid) and beneficiaries (receiving the aid) to track the sources and uses of aid funding on an interactive map dashboard.

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