Mapping and monitoring land-grabs

There is a growing and shadowy phenomenon of large-scale land acquisitions in low and middle-income countries. Such ‘land-grabs’ are controversial and notoriously opaque.
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Nature and Context

Pushing for greater transparency, scrutiny and accountability in this field, will hopefully improve the decisions the world makes about this process. There have been just over 1,000 deals since the millennium, equating to a landmass that is half the size of Western Europe, much of it in Africa, that not much information is known about and many countries lack established procedures for these deals, and actively avoid publicity.

Ideas Description

Global Observatory aggregates information from other portals and observatories covering land transactions, some of them focused by theme, nation, or region, and gathers data collected by regional coordinators and partner networks in Africa, Europe and Latin America, from NGOs and local experts, official records, company websites and media reports. All the information is verified, with government and business feedback actively sought, and the site includes links to source material.

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