Visualising community-based, US goverment-led initiatives

Following politics and social justice movement can be overwhelming. Burn out is common with everyday citizens who care but can't seem to wade through the mass amounts of initiatives up for debate.
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In order to simplify the process and engage citizens, we need to attempt to help US voters see what good is being done in their area, instead of focusing on the larger 'laundry list' of US Government-based initiatives that may not seem relevant to them. Having a platform that can whittle down the efforts being made to what is applicable to one area, one citizen, can help avoid burn out and make sure citizens stay involved at the local level.

Ideas Description

Built in partnership with more than 15 Federal agencies, the US Government has built a huge map of the country with data layers you can select or deselect that lets users see where certain community-based initiatives are gaining ground. It has been built in the open, and source code is available on GitHub, inviting data enthusiasts to make use of the map which the administration also promised would get the benefit of regular data updates.

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