Building a pro-bono law network to help legal battles around the world

Lawyers have a unique skill set to offer the general public on a volunteer basis by working cases pro-bono. This sort of selfless action can help further social justice by giving legal representation to those often underrepresented.
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Nature and Context

Connecting local volunteer services and causes with legal advice and aid can benefit entire communities. Teaming these invaluable skills and resources with the most in need can seem daunting, and even impossible to people on both sides of the law, but having a platform to help connect those in need and those willing to help could help change a communities outlook on the justice system.

Ideas Description

iProbono is a free, global website that matches lawyers with charities and social businesses that need legal help. Many large law firms have very active pro bono programs: iProbono is revolutionary in that it not only aggregates this market, but it also allows students, sole practitioners, retired lawyers, those on sabbatical or maternity leave and lawyers from smaller firms, to also share their skills, matching them with a huge pool of social projects.

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