Using blockchain technology to authenticate identification

When families migrate, they often separate and then reunify, which requires a redefining of the family. Cultural competency with immigrant children and families requires more than just learning about their culture. It also includes an understanding of the process of migration, the reasons families migrate, and the process of acculturation and related family or marital stressors.
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Many children and families seeking safety in the United States do not make it across the border, instead being forced to remain in Mexico in extremely dangerous conditions while they wait for an opportunity to make their asylum claim. Even if they reach the US, they face additional hurdles and risks to their safety—including separation, detention, and the possibility of being turned away without a fair hearing.

Ideas Description

The Blockchain Emergency ID is a rudimentary emergency ID, based on blockchain technology, for individuals who cannot obtain other documents of identification. The purpose is to cryptographically prove your existence and family relations, recorded on the Horizon blockchain, a distributed public ledger (like an international public notary, of sorts).

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