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The world needs more news from marginalized communities whose voices and stories would otherwise go unheard. Mainstream media is often biased, and doesn't seem to cover the whole story.
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Distribution tie-ups like, giving audiences immediate, direct and vivid contact with citizens in crisis, are vital because while the democratization of media makes it easier to publish than ever before, many of us in fact live in narrowing information orbits – following stories via our ‘friends’ and ‘follows’ on Facebook or Twitter. In other words, it’s not enough to make the personal decision that you want a wider world. We have to figure out how to rewire the systems we have, fix our media, cultivate xenophile and try to get out of our normal orbits.

Ideas Description

Global Voice, founded in Harvard’s Berkman Centre for Internet and Society in 2004, set out to advocate for and accelerate the disruptive effect it believed community reporters could have on mainstream newsgathering.

It has since grown into a multi-lingual, borderless virtual newsroom of 800 editors and writers – most of them volunteers – monitoring, curating, verifying and translating stories from blogs, independent press and social media: covering 167 countries and 30 languages.

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