Making legal contracts freely available yet legally binding

The general public needs access to legal documents and contracts regularly, but often times they are barred from opportunity because of expensive legal fee and transaction costs. Seeking alternatives, people find solutions that are less than reputable and are often not even legally binding.
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Nature and Context

Small businesses and ordinary citizens find themselves in need of legally binding contracts, but don't have the resources to pursue legal counsel or contract advice. Having an easily accessible, safe and legally sound online resource for legal documents could help cut the costs of the middle man.

Ideas Description

Docracy is the web's first and only open library of legal contracts: freely available, free to download, store, sign, easy-to-customize, yet legally binding. Its founders wanted to slash the prices of enforceable agreements, so people can save money on legal fees and transaction costs. Its beta was developed at a TechCrunch hackathon. It is socially curated meaning that anyone can upload or edit a document.

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