Providing a tool to help capture footage of international atrocities

When an international atrocity occurs, often human rights defenders, journalists and citizens will capture footage of it using their recording devices. We need to put this reliable tech into the hands of every day citizens so they can be active witness to injustice.
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Globally, humans face atrocities every day. Many people end up witnessing crimes being made against others, but feel powerless in helping them obtain justice. By using smartphone technology to capture the metadata that's needed when that data is handed over for use in an  investigation or trial, we can put the power in the hands of the people.

Ideas Description

eyeWitness offers an easy-to-use camera app that captures the metadata that's needed when this data is handed over for use in an  investigation or trial. The information created is safely stored within an eyeWitness facility and the eyeWitness team of experts can effectively advocate and analyze it, and work with appropriate legal authorities to promote accountability for those captured on film committing these crimes.

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