Helping separated parents to manage childcare costs

25% of people over the age of 18 have gone through a parent’s divorce. This means children suffer because of the emotional and financial loss a split home can often inflict on their lives. Facilitating healthy communication between parents who are split but still dependent on each other for the financial well being of the children is important.
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Obtaining child support payments from parent to parent can be complicated and is often a point of tension between split couples. Life is busy and stressful, and missed payments ultimately impact the livelihood of the child. Ensuring those payments come in a timely manner can help diffuse tension between split couples. Making payments and reminders available online could make the process easier for parents with busy schedules.

Ideas Description

Sheri Atwood came up with the idea for SupportPay as she was taking time out of her workday to remind her ex-husband that he had forgotten to pay his share of their child's daycare fees. Teaching herself to code, she built SupportPay as a comprehensive tool to record and track all of these costs and send automatic reminders to either parent if a payment is late.

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