Technology for children in hospices improves health and happiness

While children pick up on the latest technology quickly, especially at home, school and through friends, kids in long-term care at hospices can lack the exposure necessary. A hospice never pays for equipment provided to the children. A donor can make a contribution towards a specific item, or specify upon request to have their support dedicated to a particular project and hospice.
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Children in hospice still want to keep in touch with friends and family using the latest apps, and use games and educational tools to keep up to date and have a bit of fun. These kids have lifelong illnesses or disabilities, and using devices provided could make a difference in helping them heal and stay connected.

Ideas Description

LIfelites is one such company trying to bring tech to children in hospice. A hospice never pays for equipment provided to the children. The equipment provided by Lifelites is specially chosen to be inclusive and empowering, with particular emphasis on giving the user the tools to communicate, to be creative, and to be in control. Recent Lifelites packages have focused on helping children with disabilities. With an integrated ‘Gooshy Switch’, a large fluffy toy mouse, nine-year-old Megan Farrell was recently able – for the first time – to play a part in an interactive system and turn the page of an on-screen story. Lifelites’ efforts since 2006 were recognized at the recent Tech4Good awards, winning both the Accessibility award as well as being named the Winner of Winners. They host events year-round in support of the charity, are always open for volunteer workers and, working with partners and other charities, thrive on donations. .

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