Using 3D printing to bring books alive for visually impaired children

A picture is worth 1,000 words but what if you couldn't see it? Blind children could enjoy and learn from children's classics if they had 3D printed images to accompany the story.
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Nature and Context

Blind children face all sorts of learning challenges, but we can enhance their learning with interactive 3D printed pictures for their stories and lessons. Technology can inspire all sorts of innovative ideas to provide quality education for the differently abled.

Ideas Description

The Tactile Books Project creates 3D printed tactile picture books for children who have a visual impairment. It also studies the scientific and technical questions that arise as a result. By working in collaboration with local charities for blind children, this University of Colorado initiative has developed a series of 3D-printed children's classics, including Harold's Purple Crayon and Goodnight Moon. The team believe that one day, every household will have a 3D printer to make tactile picture books for children to touch and enjoy at home.

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