Creating Affordable and Quality Childcare in Washington State

Washington is ranked 10th least affordable in the nation for child care costs. The skyrocketing cost of daycare and early education means families must often choose between working to have a two income household, or having one parent stay home to look after kids instead of working, leading to increased poverty and wealth gaps between working and non-working homes.
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3 of 4 low income children are not ready to enter kindergarten (Only 25.5% of low-income children in the greater Spokane area demonstrate characteristics of entering kindergartners in 6 of 6 domains.) Early education is outrageously expensive leaving parents in a bind to either choose work or stay at home and teach. Washington’s average infant child care costs $4000 more per year than in-state tuition for 4-year public college. these costs lead to neglect and abuse, with Spokane’s child abuse and neglect rates coming in 52% higher than the state average. There need to be more affordable ways for low income families to provide quality and safe childcare.

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