Examining Education and the Connection to the Cycle of Poverty

Education is a basic human right that opens doors for people to lead healthy lives and contribute to their communities. To end extreme poverty by 2030, we must invest in quality education for all.
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Nature and Context

Lack of access to education is a major predictor of passing poverty from one generation to the next, and receiving an education is one of the top ways to achieve financial stability.

In other words: education and poverty are directly linked. Increasing access to education can equalize communities, improve the overall health and longevity of a society, and help save the planet.

Symptoms and Causes

Families living in poverty often have to choose between sending their child to school or providing other basic needs. Even if families do not have to pay tuition fees, school comes with the added costs of uniforms, books, supplies, and/or exam fees.

Ideas Description

Pie for Providers helps small child care providers and families claim the government funding for which they are already eligible. Today, 85% of eligible children do not claim this funding. This means families struggle to afford care and child care providers - small, women-owned businesses - do not get paid for their work.

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