Educating Migrant Children Awaiting Asylum at US Border

Children living in conflict-affected countries are some of the world’s most vulnerable. They lack access to the tools and resources they need to overcome poverty. For many kids on the move, schools are the only safe space they have. We can gives students the opportunity to continue their education while waiting for asylum.
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Without support, conflict-affected children lose out on the chance to reach their full potential and rebuild their communities. Children in conflict-affected countries are more than twice as likely to be out of school compared to those in countries not affected by conflict. Ensuring that children awaiting asylum still have access to specialized education should be seen as a right, not a burden.

Ideas Description

Just a few miles from the US border in the Mexican city of Tijuana, an innovative education program is making sure migrant children don’t miss out on learning. Yes We Can World Foundation has enrolled 30 children — ages 5 to 12 — in its new initiative that runs out of a bus-turned-classroom.

Most of the children are from families fleeing violence and poverty, who have been staying in shelters for weeks or months while waiting to apply for asylum in the US. In the meantime, Yes We Can’s free program offers specialized bilingual education for the children who tend to have low literacy and struggle with social skills. The bus seats 80 children and in a few weeks, the program will accept another 20 students.

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