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Exploring video-based education options in rural communities

Rural, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and disconnected communities in developing regions face a complex array of socioeconomic barriers, literacy constraints, and infrastructural challenges that impede their access to physical, print, and online sources of information.
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Nature and Context

There are several challenges in imparting new information and inculcating new practices in resource-constrained and rural communities, frequently in the domain of global health, but also in the realms of education, agriculture, financial literacy, and repair, among others. Using video-based learning to educate populations can be scalable and encourage local participation at the same time if done right.

Ideas Description

Apps to connect rural students with educational resources

Turn the Bus is a 501 (c) (3) US nonprofit organization located in the Greater Seattle area, focused on delivering quality education via smartphones to low income communities in India. We believe that we can leverage digital technology to bridge the gap between high income and low income populations by delivering education that enables underprivileged people in the remotest parts of the world to lift themselves out of poverty.

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