Connecting educators and identifying bullying

Teachers need a safe and responsible way to communicate with each other and with their students. Creating a platform to exchange resources and monitor interaction between students could help minimize risky communication and make tracking bullying easier.
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Nature and Context

As technology develops, teachers and students alike are finding more creative ways to share resources and build communities driven by learning. Creating safe places to effectively share and monitor interactions is crucial to future learning, especially as more schooling transitions to remote or online learning. Also important will be the identification and confronting of online bullying in an educational setting. 1 in 5 students report being bullied while in school, and the numbers only go up if we include online bullying in those statistics.

Ideas Description

Obami is a South African social learning platform designed to connect educators through sharing educational resources with each other and their students. It also has a tool that allows users to monitor the behavior of their students to help identify potential bullying problems.

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