Technology-powered learning

Technology can help eliminate barriers to education that rural and developing communities face. Creating educational options that are tech accessible and powered can improve learning and engage students once thought unreachable.
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Nature and Context

Providing high-quality, curriculum-aligned resources released under a Creative Commons license lowers the legal barrier to sharing the information and lessons. Making lessons available in multiple formats lowers technical barriers to accessing them –books can be accessed online for free (even from the most basic internet-enabled phone), as an ePub, or a PDF file ready for printing.

Ideas Description

Siyavula is an education technology company with a mission to build engaging, high-quality learning experiences in maths and science. It aims to have a long-lasting, enriching impact on learners and teachers in South Africa and globally, constantly seeking out and building the most relevant, effective technology while remaining rooted in the science of learning and instruction.

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