Raising money and awareness for clean water

In developing areas collecting water can be difficult. Clean water sources are not readily available so millions of people must travel to water areas, transport and sanitize water before being able to drink or use it.
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Many Americans take for granted how easy it is to get clean, drinkable water. For millions of other humans, obtaining water is complicated and sometimes even dangerous. Bringing attention to this global issues and using platforms that raise money for communities who don't have access to water can encourage those more fortunate to get involved and promote clean water and sanitation globally.

Ideas Description

charity: water is an NGO which helps raise funds to provide access to clean drinking water around the developing world. People can host a range of fundraising events which the charity publicises and links to its projects around the world. The website has information and maps detailing the projects, as well as real-time data showing large corporate donations which can be unlocked through fundraising events.

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