Transparency tools for all governements

While the world has 195 countries and governments – it doesn’t need 195 different versions of technology to hold those countries’ governments to account.
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Nature and Context

By building a a global network who will together we can make and share the key components required for 21st century accountability. These digital democratic building blocks can be designed to be easy-to-use, open-source and importantly are interoperable, so they can adapt to individual political systems. Right now what we see is colossal amounts of time and money wasted as people in different countries create the same thing time and time again, in a field that isn’t really rich enough to afford much waste. Sharing this tech can help save time and country for all countries and economies.

Ideas Description

SayIt is a free open source tool through which you can publish transcripts of Parliamentary and other national and local political meetings, and the Poplus suite also features prefab software on mapping jurisdictional boundaries, posting transcripts and statements, and contacting public officials.

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