Strengthening Black America's political voice across the internet

We are seeing a surge across the board in social justice, yet there are still millions of voices that deserve to be heard. Ensuring that the marginalized- Black America, the elderly, the poor- are involved in the politics and social movements across the internet and in present life is crucial to our success now more than ever.
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Nature and Context

We need to aim to ensure that all Americans are represented, served and protected – regardless of class or race. Having their voices represented at every level and in every arena will help make America stronger. The justice system, healthcare, education, politics, etc. are all arenas that have minorities have been historically underrepresented in, and will be important to amplify their voices so they are heard now.

Ideas Description

Color of Change uses the internet to create an amplified political voice for Black people in America. They launch online campaigns such as petitions or boycotts and allow participants to share images across social media. Offline, they hold events and lobby across America in order to advocate the civil rights of American Black people. currently has over 1 million members. It aims to be the voice of those who aren’t powerful forces in the US, such as the poor and the elderly.

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