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Creating Inventive Ways to Help Children with Disabilities Learn

Of the 45 million people worldwide who are blind or visually impaired, 80% live in developing countries. People with disabilities miss out on education and employment opportunities, are more at risk of violence, and face daily discrimination. We must ensure all people have the chance to fully engage in society, regardless of their abilities.
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Students with disabilities have lower attendance rates and are more likely to be out of school or leave school before completing primary education, limiting their future employment opportunities and putting them at risk of living in poverty. In the US, 34.8% of children who are blind or visually impaired are identified as non-readers.

Helping students to learn through play and develop a range of life skills boosts confidence by inspiring blind or visually impaired students to develop interdependence and communication skills at an early age.

Ideas Description

The Lego Foundation first announced the braille block collection in a range of languages in 2019. Each Lego piece is molded with numbers and letters in the braille alphabet and is compatible with other Lego pieces.

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