Ensuring the Safety and Security of Immigrants

Silicon Valley is a diverse region. More than one third of the 2.5 million residents of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties are immigrants and more than two thirds of those younger than 18 are children of immigrants. Half of our workforce is foreign born.
People Impacted
$ 305B
Potential Funding
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Organization Types
  • local law enforcement

  • health clinics

  • places of worship

  • other organizations working with and supporting immigrants and their families

Ideas Description
  • “Know Your Rights” campaigns that seek to partner with trusted community entities (schools, community centers, libraries, etc.) and aim to inform and empower vulnerable immigrant communities.

  • Development and implementation of activities, protocols and procedures to keep all communities safe and secure as they face threats stemming from changes in immigration policies and practices.

  • Addressing harassment and hate speech/crimes targeting immigrant and faith communities.

  • Legal representation for immigrants and deportation defense for those facing removal proceedings. • Preparedness plans for families, including childcare plans and financial contingency plans.

  • Creating systems and literacy around digital security to safeguard information and data that could make immigrants vulnerable if the data were compromised or stolen.

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