Helping refugees and locals connect

Each year thousands of refugees make their way to American shores. What happens when they get here and how effectively they become a part of the community is up to us.
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Nature and Context

Refugees need help navigating the complicated systems, finding jobs, housing, getting used to local customs and more. By connecting them with citizens who are eager to help, teach, and learn we can ease the process in which they acclimate to their new home. These kind of professional and social connections could make all the difference in the lives of refugees.

Ideas Description

Welcome! is an app designed to make it easier for refugees to cope in Swedish society. The aim is to allow them to make simple connections that add value. Refugees can ask locals about everything from where to find jobs and housing to leisure activities and meeting places. Locals can also invite refugees to social activities such as dining. A recent meet-up saw several hundred Swedes and refugees come together. Bing Translator automatically translates all dynamic content in the app, between Swedish, English, Arabic and Persian.

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