Identifying if there are plastic microbeads in personal care products

Microbeads are added to many personal care products. More of these microbeads are being phased out by manufacturers in favor of bio-degradable alternatives, but some care products still have them in.
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Microbeads are not captured by most wastewater treatment systems. If they are washed down drains after use, they can end up in rivers, lakes and oceans. Once in the water, microbeads can have a damaging effect on marine life, the environment and human health. This is due to their composition, ability to adsorb toxins and potential to transfer up the marine food chain. These tiny plastics persist in the environment as they are almost impossible to remove. The best way to reduce their impact is to prevent them from entering the environment.

Ideas Description

Beat the Microbead is a smartphone app that quickly tells you if a personal care product has invisible plastic microbeads in it. You scan a barcode and it gives a traffic light color code depending on whether the product contains them.

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