Calculating your carbon footprint

Waste in any form, is bad for business. Quite simply - reducing waste, reduces cost which improves a business’s bottom line. A carbon footprint helps to identify the waste or inefficiencies within a business in terms of energy and raw material consumption, and personally helps you become more aware of bad habits and excess energy use.
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The new focus on climate change and renewable energy has shifted the magnifying glass to companies supplying or using services or goods in an energy conscious manner. Companies are now interested not just in the quality of the service or product within their supply chain but also the effect it will on their carbon footprint. Carbon foot printing is therefore not just for the big boys. It is for anyone who wants to play with them or even play with those who want to play with them. Put crudely, by carrying out a carbon footprint a business can increase its chances of being asked to play.

Ideas Description

Carbon Calculator is an online chart that shows individuals their carbon footprint based on data they input. Individuals enter data around their travel, energy use, food and recycling habits, and the chart helps them to visualize their carbon footprint.

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