Providing information on the impacts of consumer products

American consumerism has steadily risen over the last several decades. Although we want to turn the focus to reduce, reuse, recycle, sometimes buying new is a must. When that happens, many Americans want to make the most financially wise, ecologically responsible, and socially motivated choice.
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Determining which product is safest, most cost efficient, and socially conscious can be overwhelming. Having a ranking system that stores information about common products could help consumers make smarter, more ethical choices while purchasing necessities.

Ideas Description

GoodGuide provides the world's largest source of information on health, environmental and social impacts of consumer products. Users can search or browse over 210,000 food, toy, personal care and household products to easily learn about the best and worst products in a category. A sophisticated rating system simplifies complex and confusing product information. Users can also get mobile advice on the move by downloading the iPhone app, and create and share personalized favorites lists of products that are right for them and their family.

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