Reducing fish farming feeding costs using technology

Technology can help eliminate waste in many industries including fish and shrimp farms where over feeding can be hard to monitor.
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In 2017, the USA was the leading importer of fish and fishery products, with imports valued at USD?21.6?billion and the fifth major exporter, with exports worth USD?6.1 billion. Whether we are importing, or exporting it is clear the US depends on aquaculture year round. Helping those businesses to more efficiently feed and monitor the fish could reduce costs and waste product within the industry.

Ideas Description

eFishery develops integrated fish feeding technology for fish and shrimp farms. These are largely designed for Indonesia's food sector. It's an internet-connected automated aquaculture feeding device. It works by sensing the fish's food intake and adjusting according to appetite to avoid overfeeding.

eFishery claims that the device can reduce feeding costs by 21% and thereby increase profit by up to 15%. The start-up aims itself at medium and large aquaculture businesses, as well as smaller retailers in places such as fish markets.

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