Creating healthy ways to generate light and energy

Giving households ways to independently create and use energy to generate light and power for small appliances could help reduce the demand on public energy while we are searching for alternative forms of power.
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Nature and Context

Using practices that households already perform daily to generate power could maximize a home's independence when it comes to energy consumptions. For instance, harnessing the energy produced when children play with a ball, or ride a bike is a way to get children active, whilst also thinking about green, cleaner energy around the home. Minutes of play could produce hours of LED lamp light or energy accessible devices like phones or gaming devices.

Ideas Description

The SOCCKET and the PULSE harness kinetic energy through rotational movement. They combine rechargeable electrical generators with simple toys such as the skipping rope (PULSE) and a football (SOCCKET). As the ball and rope spin they turn an internal generator which powers a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. These generators are protected through custom-made exteriors which maximize playability while absorbing shock to prevent damage to the internal mechanisms.

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