Communities Lack Resilience to Climate Change

Communities are at the front lines of experiencing and responding to impacts ranging from sea-level rise, inundation and flash-flooding to drought and extreme heat events – and the associated risks to everything from public health to the ecosystem services that support communities.
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While climate change is driven by global emissions, its effects are highly localized. Communities across the country have the opportunity right now to build resilience so they can bounce back quickly from the devastating impacts of climate change.

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Climate resilience planning tools for small communities

Small to mid-size communities are eager to have a climate resiliency plan but often lack resources and tools to develop a plan of action.

As a nonprofit, we search the landscape of solutions to promote the need for climate action plans for all communities regardless of size or resources.

One such solution that is in the market provides a tool to guide, step by step, smaller communities in developing a plan. Essentially, a 'turbo-tax' software tool that will develop a plan based on filling and completing basic information requirements.

Fernando Ramirez | Bridges 2030 |

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