Cost efficient alternatives to high priced car rentals

Renting a car is stressful. Between the price gouging, weak insurance, and overbooking impunity, many Americans look for alternatives when it comes to travel.
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Ride sharing is the new normal for many cities with high traffic flow, but what about long term rental for travel? Alternatives are emerging that allow every day citizens to rent their cars to other travelers for a price at a fraction of what scammy rental agencies charge. This fuels local economy and eliminates that hassle of dealing with agencies.

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America's RelayRides bills itself as an 'Airbnb for cars', and the world's largest peer-to-peer car rental marketplace, aiming to disrupt the $60 billion a year global car rental industry. It has thousands of car owners earning income from the reuse of their vehicles, which are rented out at up to 40% less than industry rental rates. It launched nationally in March 2012, and offers renters access to vehicles on their doorstep, at 290 airports, or locations across 1,900 cities.

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