Alerting people with hearing loss to the sounds around them

Despite the 600,000 deaf people in America, many public places are still not entirely inclusive or safe for people hard of hearing. Working towards this safety and inclusivity will help strengthen communities.
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Sounds that are used to inform the public are often lost on the deaf community. Not hearing sirens, fire alarms, public announcements and more, limit their ability to be fully independent in public. Having a system that visually or vibrationally lets a deaf person know of a specific event can make them safer and feel more informed in public and private situations.

Ideas Description

Hearing Aide is designed to simplify the lives of the hearing-impaired by alerting them to key everyday sounds around them. The app recognizes these sounds in both indoor and outdoor environments and alerts the users through push notifications coupled with vibratory alerts in just few seconds. Hearing Aide comes preloaded with alerts for key sounds like sirens, alarms, rings, bells and beeps. It also gives users the option to create their own alerts. They can record the sounds that they want the app to identify and alert them about.

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