Empowering the visually impaired with simple technology

Visually impaired people cope remarkably well – thanks to canes, guide-dogs, Braille, audio descriptions, smartphones and the kindness of strangers. But sometimes a little extra help goes a long way, especially with everyday things like reading labels on food to determine use-by dates.
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Allowing a blind person to ask a question of a sighted volunteer by video-call, could further empower the visually impaired. Say a blind person wants to know what’s written on the side can while shopping so you get all the ingredients for a recipe, you could video chat with a volunteer ready to read labels and go over options.

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Be My Eyes has received backing from the Danish Blind Society, the Velux Foundations and software development studio Robocat.

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Be My Eyes is the brainchild of Hans Jørgen Wiberg, who is himself visually impaired. Through his work at the Danish Blind Society, he recognized a need for an application to help blind people with small daily tasks.

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