Green Infrastructure Innovation Needed for Urban Ecosystems

One’s natural environment is fundamental to health and well-being. Reviews of natural environment and health literature focus on a limited subset of ecosystem services as well as health benefits stemming from the presence, and access and exposure to, green infrastructure. The sweeping influence of green infrastructure on the services essential to health has therefore often been underrepresented.
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Nature and Context

Green infrastructure innovations are climate solutions that provide both adaptation and mitigation benefits as well as other positive co-benefits such as improved water and air quality, protection and enhanced urban ecosystems and biodiversity, as well as health and recreational green spaces for citizens to access and immerse in nature.

Symptoms and Causes

Many fields, including public health, must be involved in the landscape conservation necessary to protect and improve health and well-being.

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Negative Effects

Failing to fully represent the numerous health co-benefits of Green Infrastructure (GI) undersells the importance of GI, and underselling the importance of GI to health puts both GI and health at risk.

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