Helping sufferers of mental health problems to communicate anonymously

Because of the taboo associated with talking about mental illness, problems often go undetected and untreated until it is too late. Getting confidential, easy to access care can make the difference in many lives.
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Nature and Context

Mental illnesses associated with depression and anxiety are a hidden epidemic, largely unrecognized and rarely openly talked about. Research shows that people shy away from sharing their troubles with friends and family and are loath to talk to their GP. Men in particular are afraid to reveal how they feel or what’s troubling them. Having a safe, anonymous if necessary, platform for people to turn to for counseling, resources, and community could help those suffering in silence.

Ideas Description

Big White Wall is a community of people experiencing common mental health problems, brought together through social media and facilitated by mental health professionals to help them better self-manage their conditions. According to members, one of the most important elements of the digital platform is the ability to talk freely, whilst remaining completely anonymous. Three-quarters of people on Big White Wall talked about their condition for the first time on the site, and eight out of 10 people were self-managing their condition. The open and often creative conversations that Big White Wall enables, provide the starting point for earlier and more effective intervention.

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