Mapping places for wheelchair users and the differently abled

Although the law requires wheelchair accessibility in most public places, there is still a long way to go concerning accommodating this marginalized group of people. Although may companies have "wheelchair accessible" noted on their websites, it is often hard for people to gauge just how accessible a place of business is remotely.
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Nature and Context

Being wheelchair accessible goes beyond having disabled parking, ramps, and toilets. People need to know about spacing in restaurants, terrain, and attitude of employees before choosing whether or not to go. Things shouldn't just be accessible, they should be comfortable, safe, and welcoming to differently abled people.

Ideas Description

Wheelmap is a crowd-sourced, online map to search for, find and mark wheelchair accessible public places. With almost 500,000 venues tagged since 2010, it ranks as the world's most extensive tool for locating wheelchair accessible places. It is currently available in 22 languages. The information on which restaurants, cafés, museums or underground stations have a level access or a lift and which places are inaccessible makes it much easier for anyone using a wheelchair or a walking frame or pushing a baby carriage to plan their day and to navigate cities. The map, which is based on the OpenStreetMap, is available on the web and as an app for iPhone and Android.

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