Smart gear could predict and mitigate industry accidents

Construction, mining and petrochemicals are dangerous industries. Smart wearable technology can help protect workers in dangerous situations from injury and even death.
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We are all familiar with Chile’s rescue operation of 33 miners trapped underground in Copiapó in 2010, which thankfully ended well, but there are many others that go unreported and result in serious injuries and even fatalities. By wearing smart technology that keeps workers in contact with their coworkers and managers, and automatically alerts them of air quality or stability issues workers could enter these dangerous work environments with a network of support.

Ideas Description

Susana Ruiz, a chemical engineer, together with Patricio de Villa, a civil engineer and Iker Arbulu, an engineering student, all believed strongly in the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to address the issue by connecting workers to their line managers through smart wearables. The trio founded a company in Mexico called Prysmex, which seeks to equip miners, construction workers and petrochemical workers in dangerous situations with IoT devices that can help alert others to their position and in extreme cases, avert disaster.

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