Supporting people with communication, movement and learning issues

Mobile technology like face recognition text-to-voice apps and more can help people with speech and movement disabilities to more effectively communicate and be active socially.
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Nature and Context

Millions of Americans suffer from speech and movement disorders that make it hard for them to communicate, often isolating them from public matters. Society has a long way to go before becoming fully inclusive to the differently abled, but technology already has so many solutions, we just need to implement them more effectively.

Ideas Description

Therapy Box sells a range of apps for smartphones and tablets, designed to support people with issues affecting their communication, movement and learning. Founded in 2010 by a speech and language therapist and a telecoms expert, their products include PredictAble, a text-to-voice app for those with speaking difficulties, and MouseTrack, a system which allows users to operate a touchscreen through tracking their head-movements.

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