Following through with aid and intervention

With all types of aid being supplied globally, it is important we study both the performance and use of interventions, as this could help us to improve service delivery in developing countries.
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An important aspect of providing aid should be ensuring the aid creates sustainable impact. Following up on how aid is distributed, and making sure a different type of aid wouldn't be more beneficial for a community should be a natural part of the process when giving aid, but it's not. Oftentimes, aid is given and not much follow through is pursued as to whether that aid made the most impact possible. This sort of data is important in ensuring sustainability.

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SweetSense Inc measures impact in global health programs and its technology has been used in 15 countries across government, non-profit and for-profit applications in water, sanitation, energy and infrastructure.

The small size and low power consumption, along with ease of integration and deployment make it an ideal platform for monitoring and reporting many types of data.

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